Upsky Holdings

Upsky Holdings is a holding company that focuses on international investments in the Chinese Mainland (Guangxi included), Hong Kong, Macao and the U.S.A. Its assets from equity participation and proprietary have exceeded RMB 3 billion Yuan. The originators of Upsky Holdings include Mr. Mo Tianquan, IDG Group (the U.S.A.), Pamoja Capital (Switzerland) and Sanshan Fund; a team of investors and managers back it up, who enjoy abundant experience in the establishment, development and management of enterprises and financing at home and abroad . Also, some members in Upsky Holdings once successfully established and managed enterprises in Asia, Europe and the U.S.A.

At present, business in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangxi has been completely initiated and Guangxi is laid with great emphasis. On January 21, 2009, Shunchang Group, a listed Hong Kong company affiliated to Upsky Holdings, purchased Guangxi Wharton International Hotel. On the strength of advanced management experience, financing ascendancy as a listed company, solid strength of major shareholders and the background of international finance capital, Shunchang Group will be soaring with leaps and bounds and contribute to the construction of North bay.

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